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Lunar Sleep: Sleep Soundly Beneath the Moonlight!

Nowadays, one out of five people is having difficulty in sleeping. The possible causes are usually the kind of food that they eat, their environment, lifestyle, and specific health issues. National Center for Sleep Disorders Research show that 30-40% of adults claim to have symptoms of Insomnia.

Insomnia is a health condition where in the person is having trouble in falling asleep or staying asleep will have unconstructive impact for the next day. Insomnia is a solemn medical condition that should not be taken frivolously as this may affect one’s mind and body. The National Institutes of Health proposes that an adult should have 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. People who lacks of sleep might have mood swings, daytime fatigue, and reduces the ability to concentrate.

So if a person is showing any signs of Insomnia, Lunar Sleep can definitely help! Lunar Sleep is an all natural dietary supplement which will help them fall asleep without difficulty, they will wake up invigorated and is clinically proven safe and non-habit forming.

Lunar Sleep: How does it work?

A natural hormone produced by the body’s pineal called Melatonin which is a very small gland situated just on top of the center of the brain. During daytime, pineal is inactive and once the sun goes down, most likely around 9pm pineal will be turned on by SCN and it will start to produce Melatonin, which is released through blood.  As an outcome, melatonin level will go up and a person will feel sleepy. Melatonin levels will stay eminent for 10 to 12 hours or all throughout the night. By 9am Melatonin level will draw back to daytime level.

Bright light directly reduces the discharge of Melatonin that is the reason why some people is having trouble sleeping during daytime or with the lights on, and for those who worked during night time, it is truly inevitable.  Lunar Sleep helps with the melatonin levels in your body.

Lunar Sleep: What are the benefits?

Lunar Sleep is an all natural dietary supplement that helps a person to fall asleep swiftly and stay asleep to wake up relaxed and rejuvenated. Some people worry about taking in sleeping pills and getting addicted to it or they are afraid that once they started to consume this kind of sleeping aid, they will not be able to sleep without it. Lunar Sleep is clinically proven safe and effective. It is 100% drug free and it doesn’t have any addictive ingredients. People can definitely have these amazing benefits as well:

  • Fall asleep safe and sound
  • Wake up revitalized
  • An assurance of all natural and drug free ingredients
  • Clinically proven safe and non-habit forming

Lunar Sleep: An all-natural solution

Having Melatonin as one of the key ingredient of Lunar Sleep, it makes this product perfect for people who suffer from Insomnia and other sleep related issues. It will help them fall asleep rapidly and stay asleep to wake up revitalized.  So if you are tired of not having enough sleep or struggling just to fall asleep. The all natural Lunar Sleep is definitely the exact sleeping aid for you!

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